Frequently asked questions

About Us

Where are you located?

Socially Distanced Santa's is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne however we operate accross the whole of the UK.

Which areas do you cover?

Socially Distanced Santa's operates across the entirety of the UK with performers based accross the whole of the country.

What is Socially Distanced Santa's

Socially Distanced Santa's is an Events and Entertainments company specialsing in Covid safe Christmas Grotto's and Santa Meet and Greets for Corporate and Private clients. With an extremley experienced team of creatives, office staff and performers all with a strong background in Character Performance, Childrens Entertainment and Event Managment. SDS are a fountain of knowledge who with their combined skills specialise in creating bespoke packages, tailouring each event to the clients venue and needs. They thrive on making an idea a reality and will stop at nothing to ensure they complete each project with a satisfied client. Despite the current pandemic SDS are determined to keep the spirit of Christmas alive ensuring Covid safe enviroments without compromising on quality.

What makes you different?

Unlike other Children's Entertainment companies trying to tick a whole host of boxes, Socially Distanced Santa's does exactly what it says on the tin. We focus on creating bespoke Santa visits and Grotto's whilst paying extremley close attention to the current Government guidelines on Covid-19 regulations. With our own ready to go stock off hand-sanitising stations, visors, and a one of a kind Virtual Queing system we can provide you with the safest Grotto's in the whole of the UK without ever compromising on quality. In addition to the above we thrive on making a customers idea a reality, building one of a kind Grotto packages to match your budget. We cover everything you need - Staff, Santa, Gifts, Grotto and Safety allowing for a stress free Christmas season.

How long have you been in the Industry?

Although Socially Distanced Santa's is a brand new venture for 2020 as a team we have been within the industry for a minimum of 7 years, bringing smiles and memories to children all around the UK year after year.

Are you fully insured?

Yes. Socially Distanced Santa's has full Public Liability insurance.

Our Performers

Are all of your performers DBS checked?

Yes! All of our performers have been succesfully DBS checked and may not work unless they hold a valid certificate.

How do you select your Santa's?

All of our Santa performers have been very carefully selected, partaking in an intensive auditioning process in order to be on our books. This is to ensure we provide our clients with some of the best Santa's the UK has to offer. Each of our Santa Claus performers has the following: - A minimum 4 years experience within the performance industry - A minimum 4 years customer service experience - A full DBS check - Completed all 3 levels of 'Socially Distanced Santa's' training program.

Is the Santa on your site your own Santa?

Yes! The Santa you see on our site is just one of our many incredible Santa's we have working for us.

How do you select your Elves?

All of our Elves have undergone the same intensive auditioning process as our Santa's. This is to ensure we can provide our clients with the best collective team for their event. Every one of our Elves has a strikingly bubbly personality and knows how to light up any room. Each of our Elves has the following: - A minimum 2 years experience within the children's entertainment's industry - A minimum 4 years customer service experience - A full DBS check - Completed all 3 levels of 'Socially Distanced Santa's' training program.

What does your training program entail?

At Socially Distanced Santa's all of our staff undergo an intensive 3 Level training program of which they must complete in order to be on our books. The program consists of 3 Levels that cover a variety of crucial skills. Level 1: Covid-19 (Sanitation, Procedures, Regulations) Level 2: Customer Service Level 3: Performance Each performer must pass each level in order to complete the program. The program ensures consistency accross all of our performers and staff giving the client peace of mind that they will always get the best possbile team working their event.


How do I confirm my booking?

Once you have accepted your quote we will provide you with your contract. Your booking is confirmed when you reutrn a signed copy of the contract along with payment of a £100.00 non-refundable deposit.

Do you offer services that are not listed on your website?

At Socially Distanced Santa's we specialise in bespoke packages for any event. If there is a service you require that is not listed on our site we would encourage you to contact our events team at where you can discuss your ideas and build a bespoke package with a member of our team.

How far in advance do I have to book?

We would always encourage prospective clients to book as far in advance as possible as this gives us optimum time to plan and prepare for your event/grotto. However we do understand that last minute plans can sometimes be unavoidable and will always try our hardest to accomodate your booking.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. We require a £100.00 non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking.

What if I need to rescehdule?

We will always try our best to accomodate you if there is a need to reschedule and will do so free of charge however if for any reason this is not possible due to late notice we will be unable to return your £100.00 deposit.

What facilities do we need to provide to your performers?

Our performers require a clear, private dressing room area consisting of atleast one chair per performer and atleast one table. A clear outline of the required facilities will be specified in the event contract although this will never be anything out of the ordinary.

How do I get a quote?

The first step to booking your Grotto or Visit is to get in touch with us via our contact form on our contact us page. Once you have contacted us a member of the sales team will get back to you within 24 hours via your chosen method. From there you will discuss your event details, ideas and expectations allowing the sales team to produce a quote.

How do I pay the remaining amount?

Following the closure of your event, grotto or visit you will receive an invoice via email with the final outstanding amount. We expect all invoices to be paid within 30 days.


What happens in the event of a National or local lockdown?

In the event of a lockdown or change in restrictions meaning the booked service is unable to go ahead you will be given the option to reschedule the booking or receive a full refund. We are constantly monitoring each cities lockdown restrictions along with National Government Guidance and adapting our services as we see fit.

What safety measures do you have in place?

- hand sanitising stations before and after your visit to Santa - Visors for all of our Elves and Staff - A protective screen for Santa - A Virtual Queue system for our Grotto's - Temperature checks before your visit to Santa - Clear Social Distancing Markers - One way systems

What is a Virtual Queue?

Our Virtual Queue system allows us to eliminate the need for large queues and crowds around our Grotto's by making customers join the queue virtually. How it works is simple: 1) The Customer scans a QR code situated at the Grotto entrance joining them into the virtual queue. 2) The Customer is free to continue shopping or enjoy other services offered by the venue. 3) The Customer receives a text message allerting them to head back towards the Grotto when they are nearing the front of the queue. 4) Our Elf helpers check the customer in and send them straight through to see Santa.

Will Santa be wearing a mask?

No. To eliminate the need for Santa to be covered by a mask we have introduced Covid safe perspex panelling into our grotto's.